« Let us learn how to regard our body as a crowned temple and our spirit like a jewel”

Your technician of wellbeing invites you to discovered traditional manual Asian disciplines, with releasing or invigorating virtues, which aims for a better management of the stress and emotions.

These techniques last on average 60 minutes, for the whole of the body, except those which are practiced in sitting position or those which apply to the feet.

Each session will start with approximately 15 minutes of evaluation to determine the adapted techniques needed.

INDIAN ABHYANGA : Resulting from Ayurveda “Life science” and over 5000 years old, this relaxing protocol is applied to the whole of the body; it allows the vital energy “Prana” to circulate; evacuates toxins and maintain the balance of the 3 biological “Doshas” or “moods”. It softens the skin thanks to the properties of used oils.  It gives a feeling of wellbeing, lightness and serenity. (60 minutes, 75 euros)

  • CHINESE TUINA : Rather dynamic since it acts on the body by pressures, reflexology and frictions; it allows energy “QJ” to circulate and release the “Shen” (spirit). The purpose of the slow succession of movements invigorates and relieves the muscular tensions in order to restore and preserve the total harmony of the body (ideal for the sportsmen). (60 minutes, 75 euros)
  • KOREAN RELIEVING : Practiced on a patient fully clothed, on the ground or on a table; by a succession of rocking, swinging and stretching vibrations, it invites the patient into major mental and physical relaxation.  It softens the articulations and fights physical and nervous fatigue. It is suitable for anxious or agitated children; the elderly and people with sleeping troubles. (60 minutes, 75 euros)
  • PLENITUDE MOTHER-TO-BE : This relieving technique for pregnant woman of more than 3 months, inspired by the Abhyanga protocol, is a pure moment of quietude. In a delicate atmosphere, the contact wants to be nourishing by the practiced of particularly soft and enveloping movements.  (60 minutes, 75 euros)
  • FEET RELAXATION BOWL KANSU : The Bowl Kansu is made of an alloy of 5 metals in bond with the five elements and whose principal component is copper. According to Ayurveda, copper associated with the ghee (clarified butter) has a virtue to balance the fire element in the body, and thus, to alleviate anger and anxiety. This ancestral method calms the mind and stimulates sleep.  (20 minutes, 40 euros)
  • FEET RELAXATION : This technique is considered as a sacred art by Incas and makes it possible to attenuate nervous tensions, to control metabolism and cautiously stimulate the entire body by feet pressure. (30 minutes, 50 euros)

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